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Hi Everyone

I got an email from Fay today answering questions I had sent her about some prizes from the drawing in NY and about FFG. Here is what she said:

Hi Pat,

Thanks for letting me know. A gentleman by the name of Joe Perez won the DVD for the donated tickets. I should announce it on our FFG facebook site. And I'll check on the other girl's situation. I believe all the winners were sent their prizes. But let me check with Sarah to see if we have a confirmation on them.

There are no plans on getting FFG in any more theatres. Time to focus on selling DVDs only.

Hope you are doing great! Let me know how the screenplay is coming along, I want to read it.


The girl who had not gotten her prize received it yesterday and let me know she got it. And Fay answered this question too.

"What about the folks who bought and donated tickets to the movie and Q&A. Wasn't there supposed to be a drawing for those too?"

So FFG is now officially only DVD now. So let folks know about it.


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