positive_pat (positive_pat) wrote in ffg_themovie,

Hi Everyone

But Since I have stalking lurkers that want to bash me & Gale lately, I am reposting this with the actual email to me about Gale wanting the fans to vote so everyone knows it is true. This is from Fay.

So please go and Vote.


Hey Pat - can you give GH fans a message from GH?? This is a first, I know. I asked that he appeal to his fans for me, and this is what he texted to me:

"I voted for Fay and I hope you do as well. She's done an extraordinary job getting Falling for Grace out across the country, a film that I've grown very fond of. Voting for her is a vote for the movie, a vote for my friend. So go to: http://www.thewhitehouseproject.org/epic/emerging_artist.php and vote for Fay & Falling for Grace now! (Voting ends at midnight tonight).

Thanks! Gale

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